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Fertility treatments

I’ve gone to Eugene several times over the past 4 years, never consistently for long periods of time, but more for whatever was bothering me at that point. My first time there was for fertility treatments. I was 36, had numerous surgeries and was looking at IVF if I was serious about having a child. Pretty much on a lark, I decided to try acupuncture. Long story short – it wasn’t cheap (although it was way less than the IVF would have cost me, not to mention how difficult IVF can be) and it took several hours of treatments (again, fine with me given my options at the time), but I now have a healthy three year old boy. I’ve gone a couple of times since for the baby blues and a shoulder injury – good results both times, especially with the shoulder injury. I have Lyme and plan to go again soon. I really like Eugene – he’s laid back, doesn’t pressure and is a great practitioner.

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